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Wedding Emcee * Ambassador of Fun

Atom is a fifteen-year veteran in the wedding industry as an emcee. Having hosted around a thousand events, most of them being weddings, he has placed himself in a very good position to help guide soon-to-weds in planning their special day, and execute it seamlessly on the day itself. He understands the nature of weddings as once-in-a-lifetime events, which is why to Atom, there is no room for avoidable mistakes.

His style can be described as formal and sophisticated, yet with a light touch, making the guests feel at ease and the atmosphere being the exact opposite of stiff. With his wit and natural humor, guests of the event are entertained, and the overall vibe of the party is how it should be: fun and memorable. His eloquence, energy, and booming voice contribute immensely to keeping the guests’ attention on the program. As Atom puts it, “Having command of the crowd is what makes an emcee effective.” Atom loves and is very passionate about what he does, and this is perhaps what keeps him on top of his game.

The Ambassador of Fun by Bob Nicolas

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We would like to thank Atom for allowing us to welcome him into our simple home as he tried to get to know more about us prior to our wedding. Thank you for taking the time to be with us and bond with our family, friends, and the rest of the entourage. We were definitely happy to have Atom with us on our special day. He was very witty and exuded intelligence and class as he made everyone feel at home and relaxed during our reception. Thank you Atom, and here’s to wishing you the best of everything. – Sen. Chiz and Heart Escudero

Thank you for being the absolute best host we could have hoped for on our perfect wedding day! We really appreciated your natural charm and the way in which you managed everything and everyone so well from start to finish. – Tonton and Karen Uy

We would like to thank you for giving us a wonderful night. We really made the best choice in choosing you over hundreds of other hosts. You really are the “master of ceremonies”. It was such an honour and we are very proud to have had you. – Al and Cherry Ngo

atom-ungson-09Thank you so much for making our wedding extra special. It was so nice to have you as our host. Most of our guests asked who you were and said, “Galing niya!” You did a good job and we are very satisfied customers. Iba ka talaga! – Ryan and Uni Gay-ya

OMG Atom!!! JP and I are fixing a double date with the two strangers who kissed during our wedding because of you, and both parties agreed! Woohoo! Thank you for your awesome game! – JP and Lindsey

atom-ungson-11We were blessed with Atom as our wedding host. What an amazing host he was! When we first met up with him, he seemed to know exactly what we were looking for. On the day of our wedding, he managed to keep everyone engaged throughout the entire reception, and even my 83-year old lola loved him. The program ran smoothly and it was truly enjoyable. Not only did he make everyone participate, but he also managed to make the them feel at ease and comfortable! Our worries of a boring reception turned out to be wonderful, fun and memorable one! – July and Paula Carrera

atom-ungson-10Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone was saying our host was good! We were so right in choosing you to host our wedding. You’ve really got great talent in hosting! – Chris and Tinnie Angeles

We met Atom when we attended a relative’s wedding and from the moment we saw Atom host, we already knew that we wanted him to be the host for our wedding. We were blown away by how Atom speaks and delivers his piece. He was easy to get along with and it seemed like we knew him for a very long time. Atom was like a very close friend who’d get very excited about every detail given to him for the wedding program. He really loves what he does, so hosting really comes naturally with him. That is why Atom is the best wedding host and emcee in the market! – Jhay and Junnel Agtalao

Weddings TV Feature on Atom Ungson (November 21, 2014)


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