The Spotlight Is on the Glam and Romantic Styling of This Intimate Wedding!

When everything flows seamlessly from the fashion, to the flowers, to the statement lighting, it can really set the tone for the rest of the wedding. That’s exactly what happened in Jeff and Janyn’s special day. The spotlights they used in their wedding reception was such a brilliant idea! The dramatic lighting set the mood […]

We Loved This Wedding’s Classic and Timeless Style and How Family Was At the Center!

After so many grand ceiling installations and flower arches, it’s quite refreshing to see a wedding with an aesthetic so timeless like Miguel and Charly’s! It was simply a celebration of their love, which was thoughtfully entwined into all the details of this fine celebration. Perfectly complementing the tasteful styling, guests were dressed in traditional […]

The Look


A Modern Take on a Classic Black and White Motif: Check Out This Elegant and Minimalist Wedding!

A black and white motif is classic, timeless, and absolutely elegant. You can definitely achieve sophistication through the simplicity of the color palette, and that’s what we see here in Miguel and Ada’s beautiful intimate wedding. We just love the fine details: the boutonnieres that complement the bouquets and the one-tiered wedding cake, which stands […]

Here Comes The Bride All Dressed in a White Suit and Beige Stilettos!

Jerome and Riz swayed away from the norms of a traditional wedding by opting to wear matching suits for their special day, and boy did they both kill it in those suits! A quick look at the photos of their wedding day might make you think about including some wedding suit pegs as options for […]

This Modern Couple’s All-Black Wedding was Filled with Fun and Personality!

Kenneth and Chezka had a clear vision for their wedding day, and it was to fully reflect their personalities through meaningful touches in the details! First of all, this couple decided to have an all-black wedding, where their entire entourage, as well as their guests, were dressed in black. The color choice was such a […]

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